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Castles of Abruzzo

Castles of Abruzzo

Choosing to spend your holiday in Abruzzo means admiring a coast of golden beaches, various parks and numerous ancient castles and fortresses, which will stun you for their beauty and peculiarity.

Visiting the Castles of Abruzzo leads you to discover the landscape of historic dwellings which, thanks to their perfect conservation, fascinate and call to mind ancient times.

Abruzzo boasts the largest number of castles in Italy, so many that it won the nickname of "Museo en plein air". From the coast to the mountains, between jutting rocks in the sea, to gentle hills or in the middle of dense forests, the Region is full of architectural works dating back to those erected for defense in Medieval times.

Which castles to see

The choice is vast and depends also on how many days you are staying, but in the meantime here are a few suggestions::

  • Castel Menardo, on the Ciumino hill in Serramonacesca, can be reached via a tough hike, through the Majella and Val Pescara passes.
  • The imposing Castello di Rocca Calascio, erected in 1200 stands at 1500 meters above sea level, with its stark and symmetrical form looms above and dominates the whole valley..
  • Just a few kilometers from our hotel, in Loreto Aprutino, the Castello Chiola can be found, today a lavish restaurant for special occasions, built in 864 on a rocky hill, and has hosted saints, warriors and nobility throughout the centuries.
  • In Torre dei Passeri you can admire the Castello Gizi, which extends over 4 floors: the first dedicated to the conservation of agricultural products, while the remaining floors are for residence and business. The decorated courtyard and imposing entrance gate made of stone are amazing, with the five arch architecture typical of the Medieval period. From the square you can see the panoramic view, with the large tree lined way which extends over 7 hectares, which lead directly to the center of the town