Blue sea and uncontaminated nature

There is nothing more fairytale-like than losing your gaze along that part of the Adriatic Sea that bathes Abruzzo at Montesilvano, where the sea is one azure so alive it almost seems fake. And this magical coastal expanse is interrupted from time to time by cliffs hurling themselves headlong into the sea, while looming in the distance is the shadow of a trebuchet a reminder of the years of history this coast can tell.

Historical notes

The history of Montesilvano is very oldThe presence of a temple dedicated to Jupiter has been attested in the Republican period and on which, in the second half of 1400, the Church of the Blessed Virgin of Carmel was built.

Of great historical importance is the area of Hills which, with its splendid promenade overlooking the sea, will take you back in time, in an evocative medieval atmosphere.

Particular and very well known is the Train Museum of Montesilvano, dedicated to railways with historic trains, themed carriages, vintage clothing.

What to see in the surroundings of Montesilvano

  • In Cepagatti it will be possible to visit a Longobard tower in brick, at the foot of which lie Roman remains yet to be discovered.
  • The journey through history and mystery continues in Spoltore, where you can see the majestic De Cesaris Castle and learn about its fascinating history
  • Pescara also deserves a separate visit to the Sea Museum, D'annunzio's house, the marina and the city of Pescara itself by night.

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