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Majella Park

Majella National Park

A vacation in Abruzzo means sea, sun, ancient hamlets to admire and also excursions in its three important natural parks, among which Majella National Park.

A large, circular, prevalently mountainous territory, with summits that reach or exceed 2000 meters above sea level.

The park’s nature

Majella National Park is luxurious and wild, and is full of biodiversity, with various species of fauna that exist in dense forests. The wooded areas alternate with wide meadows and farm land, now abandoned, surrounded by more than ten peaks.

Caves, gullies and streams that cut through the mountain walls, and rocks weathered by the atmosphere, are witnesses to nature’s incessant activity, which every year offers breathtaking views. A great natural heritage, which, thanks to its geographic location, its scale and its changing weather, is unique and fascinating, with a biodiversity of national and international importance.
The spring is without a doubt the golden season for visiting Majella Park, with flowers bursting with color and fragrance; the summer instead attracts those who love excursions, for the many trails that wind through the woods and that lead you to discover nature’s wild and majestic beauty. Majella National Park is enticing also in the fall, when the dense beech tree forest is painted in every color, and in the winter, when the snow blankets nature in pure white.

Majella, with its diverse territory, blooming nature and endless history is the ideal place for those passionate about trekking and hiking