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The National Park of Abruzzo

An experience that ignites your senses

The Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga National Park represents a natural landscape that covers almost 150,000 hectares of surface area, and offers travelers a rich and colorful sight.

The park, among the largest in Italy, offers a mix of itineraries, excursions, trails and paths in every season of the year.

The mountains of the park

The Gran Sasso National Park, established in 1991, covers 44 municipalities of the Abruzzo region, in which various mountain groups blend together, among which the range of Gran Sasso, Monti della Laga and the Gemelli mountains, in which the Corno Grande range reaches 3000 meters above sea level, including the Region’s only glacier, the Calderone.

White dolostone rocks alternate with caves, bottlenecks and high planes such as the vast and majestic Campo Imperatore, which during the winter offers fresh snow and ski structures for those who love winter sports.

Monti della Laga

The Gran Sasso National Park also includes the Monti della Laga mountain range, which is characterized by sandstone and limestone mountains which give the peaks a unique rounded form, which slopes differently down the two sides based on climate and form, until it reaches the valleys plunging between the rocks. The particular structure of the Monti della Laga makes water stream with force through the gorges, forming spectacular and amazing cascades.

The largest lake in Abruzzo

The Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga National Park is home to the largest lake in Abruzzo, Campotosto Lake, and a place where nature’s thriving beauty, in places wild and arid, mixes with the historical and artistic marvels of medieval hamlets.

So many hikes to do

The park offers several ways for you to discover its treasures: hikes, horse riding or bike riding among the various trails that wind through the plateaus and steep cliffs, and which end in the forest that reach historic hamlets, archeological sites, castles, retreats and caves.

The Gran Sasso National Park is therefore a fascinating site to be discovered, located just a few kilometers from our hotel for a complete seaside vacation, not only for the beautiful beaches, ma but also the excursions in nature!