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Healthy Italian cooking is our strength and pride

Here the full board truly is “full”. Full of tradition and taste, innovation and even light dishes. Among the large selection available at the restaurant of Club Hotel Le Nazioni you know you can always find what you like the most in that moment and you can find suggestions for a light menu.

Our kitchen

In a room that is climate controlled, soundproof, large and well lit, located on the sea front, you will appreciate our cuisine, with typical Mediterranean cooking, seafood and meat menus and the possibility to choose, during the high and medium season, among 3 first and 3 second course dishes, in addition to a salad and lunch buffet and a well-stocked appetizer and side dish buffet, using especially products that nature offers us, when possible we prefer to purchase local (Km0) fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

Keep an eye on the scale

For those who have an outstanding balance with the scale, during your trip Chef Nicola will point out on the menu the low calorie dishes, uniting both taste and health!

And we have baby food!

Alle mamme offriamo la possibilità di avere a disposizione, ogni giorno brodo vegetale ed altri prodotti freschi per la preparazione delle pappe in autonomia, in una zona appositamente dedicata e attrezzata nel nostro ristorante, così da soddisfare il palato e le esigenze dei più piccoli.

Country where you go, culture that you find

One night a week Chef Nicola offers a unique menu of a typical Abruzzo dinner, with an appetizer of typical cold cuts from Abruzzo, 2 particular homemade first courses, local grilled meat, and a typical desert from Abruzzo. This could be the perfect chance to try some typical dishes from Abruzzo, such as spaghetti alla chitarra, pasta alla mugnaia or alla pecorara, the timballo alla teramana or the “scrippelle mbusse"!