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The Trabocchi

The ancient costructions of fishermen

In the VIII century some peasants and shepherds of the province of Chieti, created the trabocchi, traditional massive constructions built from wood, that are anchored to the rocks that you can find on the coast of Abruzzo: they realized that, by this artificial construction, they could pick up water directly from the sea thus increasing their harvest in lands not very fertile.

Visit to trabocchi

During the summer you can feel a unique emotion visiting some trabocchi, where you will be accompanied by the narration of its creators, and you can also have the chance to watch how fishing nets are lowered into the sea. In some trabocchi it is possible to spend unforgettable evenings and taste the specialties of seafood.
The closest trabocchi from our hotel are situated along the port of the river Pescara are, but if you would like to admire the real trabocchi you have to drive for 20 kilometers towards the south to San Vito Chietino, in the province of Chieti.

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Food and wine “of the trabocchi tradition”

This area produces olive oils and wines known even abroad. Among the oils produced, a well-known speciality is a citrus flavoured oil, produced with local citrus. Among wines you can savour the very famous Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo.
The speciality dish of the trabocchi coast is the fish-based Brodetti (broths), created by cooking local fish in an earthenware pot, and flavored with tomatoes and abundant olive oil.