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Visit Pescara

Pescara and the Birth home of Gabriele D’Annunzio

Pescara, one of the provinces of the Abruzzo region, is a city located directly on the Adriatic coast, renowned both for its seaside tourism and its wealth of art and architecture in the old town center.

Montesilvano borders Pescara: it’s therefore easy to reach by car, by public transportation or using our bicycles; you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities of central Italy.

Pescara and D’Annunzio

One of the biggest representatives of the history of Pescara is the Poet”, Gabriele D’Annunzio.

To date the best evidence that remains of the poet is the Museum of the Birth home of Gabriele D’Annunzio which we recommend you visit for both its historical and artistic importance. The museum, recognized as a national monument in 1927, was inaugurated together with 100 years of his birth.

You will have the chance to visit are the five rooms that represented the spirit of the building, and that are embellished by captains of verses from his “Notturno”, a work in which he described these very rooms.

The tour then allows you to admire the splendid furniture, photography, and engravings from the time and other historical findings through which you can retrace the life of the author. Unique records, whose value adds to the other museums of Pescara which are also worth a visit.

What to see in the city

Pescara has several places which are worth a visit:
  • Piazza della Rinascita or Piazza Salotto, designed by the world famous architect Toyo Ito, is the beating heart of the city, which connects to the sea by the Piazza Primo Maggio (where there is a beautiful sculpture, “la fontana nave sul mare” by the sculptor Cascella) and to the city center, by Corso Umberto I which represents the most important street for its width, beauty and shopping!! la
  • The tourist harbor and the new pier;
  • The sea museum;
  • The various churches and basilicas: in particular, the Basilica della Madonna dei sette dolori is the most well-known in Pescara; the Cathedral of Saint Cetteus (patron saint of the city), the churches of S.Andrea and the Sacro Cuore.

Events and things to do

Among the main events of Pescara the following are of particular interest: the Pescara Jazz, a well-known music festival, the Flaiano Prizes – a multicultural even named after Ennio Flaiano, of international importance and followed and loved by the public - and Fuori Uso, a contemporary art show that is held each year in different places, especially in areas out of use.