Silvi Marina

Sea to land between history and enogastronomy

Silvi is an ancient medieval village that is only 6 km from Club Hotel Le Nazioni and can be reached by car in about ten minutes, or by organized excursions.
The name Silvi derives from "Silva", very probably in relation to the abundant vegetation of the place, present above all near the river. Marine Park where there are large pinewoods, which offer a pleasant relief in summer, and which accompany the course of the land up to the hilly area where the real village rises, what the Romans called the "Borgo". Castrum Silvi.

Visit Silvi

The most touristic part of Silvi is the bathing area, where stands out the sixteenth-century tower built by Charles V to protect the city from Saracen invasions. Today the tower houses a modern study laboratory that aims to preserve the habitat for the animal species of the area.

The panorama that you can admire from the highest point of the city, ranging from Gran Sasso to the sea and from Conero to Gargano.
In the historical centre you can visit the Church of San Salvatore, of medieval origin and Benedictine style.

Local products

In these lands in ancient times was preferred the cultivation of the licorice plantswhile in modern times this plantation has given way to olive groves and vineyards.
In this regard, it is possible to trace the Wine Roadcalled Colline del Ducato (Hills of the Duchy), which allows you to taste the dishes of the typical cuisine combined with local wines.
Finally, if you want to participate in an original event, you just have to follow in May Lu Cencialonea colourful reinterpretation of the Turkish siege of Silvi.

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