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Visit Silvi Marina

From sea to land, vacations in Silvi between history and cuisine

Our hotel in Montesilvano is a perfect base for a vacation in Abruzzo where stretching between the beaches from golden sand and natural parks full of flora and fauna, you can glimpse one of the most enchanting cities for its look and hidden characteristics: Silvi, ancient medieval hamlet.

In addition to being located very close to the sea, our Club Hotel le Nazioni offers excellent suggestions for visiting cities nearby, such as Silvi, just 6 km from us and may be reached by car in 10 minutes or through an organized excursion.

The origins of the name

The name Silvi comes from “Silva”, must likely related to the abundant vegetation of the place, present especially close to Marino Park where large pines grow, which offers a pleasant reprieve during the summer months, and which accompanies the curve of the land up to the hills where the actual hamlet the Romans called Castrum Silvi.

Visting Silvi

The most touristy part of Silvi is the seaside area, where the fifth century tower sticks out, made by Carlo V to protect the city from invasions by the Saracens. Today the tower hosts a modern research laboratory whose object is to preserve the surrounding habitat for the local animal species.

The panorama, which may be admired from the highest point of the city, runs from Gran Sasso to the sea and from Conero to Gargano.

In the old town center you can visit the Church of Saint Salvatore, of medieval origins and Benedictine influence.

Local products

In these lands the cultivation of licorice root was preferred in old times, while in modern times this plant left room for olive groves and vineyards, from which excellent products are made.

In this regard you can drive along the Wine Road, the so-called Hills of the Duchy, which allows you to try dishes typical of local cuisine together with local wine.

Lastly, if you want to take part in an original event, in May you have to see Lu Cencialone, a colorful recreation of the Turkish siege of Silvi.